Rescuing Projects (and their associated humans) Effectively

Join us for a very informative presentation by Tiffany Kuchta on Thursday June 16 at tek Mountain!  RSVP right here.

Rescuing Projects (and their associated humans) Effectively



Rescue projects are always challenging, but they don’t have to be painful. In nearly all cases, the client is approaching you because something has driven them away from their current developer(s). They often feel that they’ve been burned, and probably by someone who looks and talks an awful lot like you.  We’ll review some strategies for assessing project needs, approaches to the repair work itself, establishing trust and growing that into an ongoing relationship. We’ll also discuss common pitfalls with a surprise, bonus take-away!

About Tiffany Kuchta


Tiffany KuchtaTiffany is a full stack developer and lead engineer at Quandarymat, a Pittsburgh-based (but distributed!) web development shop. She has been building web applications since they were called “web pages” (1999). These days the bulk of her work is eCommerce applications and project stabilization. A woman who codes, Tiffany is passionate about diversity in tech, solving problems with code, building things out of other things, EMPATHY always, and sassy tee shirts usually.