Automated Browser Testing with Selenium

Join us at tek Mountain on Thursday, August 25th 2016 for a talk on Automated Browser Testing using Selenium.



If you want to automate a browser, the Selenium/WebDriver ecosystem of tools should be your first stop. The WebDriver specification provides a standard API for controlling a browser, while the Selenium project provides the most widely-used implementation. With bindings for most popular languages and drivers for most popular browsers and mobile OSes, Selenium has become the dominant toolset for automated testing of web and mobile applications. In this quick introduction, you’ll see a few examples of browser automation: (1) using a Firefox plugin (2) from Java code and (3) a new OS/free IDE.




Chris Merrill is the Chief Engineer and co-founder of WebPerformance, which sells software for load testing websites and provides load testing services to clients large and small, across the globe. His attention is currently focused on development of MuseIDE, a free/open-source tool for building automated test suites for web and mobile applications.