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Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift for developers

Please welcome the author of O’Reilly’s OpenShift for Developers, Grant Shipley, from Red Hat. During this meetup Grant will demo using Docker and Kubernetes with the latest OpenShift code in a hosted environment. He will leave the slides at the door and focus 95% on deploying applications using Source-2-Image, A/B deployments, and other cool features. Read more →

Tiffany Kuchta

Rescuing Projects (and their associated humans) Effectively

Rescue projects are always challenging, but they don’t have to be painful. In nearly all cases, the client is approaching you because something has driven them away from their current developer(s). They often feel that they’ve been burned, and probably by someone who looks and talks an awful lot like you. We’ll review some strategies for assessing project needs, approaches to the repair work itself, establishing trust and growing that into an ongoing relationship. We’ll also discuss common pitfalls with a surprise, bonus take-away! Read more →


Hardware Hacking: “3D Printing Processes” and “What can you do with Arduino?”

Eddie Hall of Wilmington-based Petrics, Inc. will discuss the different types of 3D printing “additive manufacturing” processes and highlighting the pros and cons of each. Additionally, Eddie will be showing some examples of some of the various material types that can be used for FDM printers. Eddie will be bringing his 3D printer to show off. Read more →

Chris Reites

Test Case Optimization

UPDATE Here is the video from the live stream: Join us for pizza, wings, beer/soda at our next meetup at tek Mountain on Thursday April 21 from 6-8pm! Test Case Optimization Join us for a discussion on manual test case design practices (traditional vs. model-based) and how to reduce the cost of testing by detecting the smallest number of test… Read more →

#GSD: Project Management for the Tech Professional

Update 3/18/2016: Watch the video from last night’s live feed!   And be sure to Subscribe to tekMountain’s live Facebook and Periscope (Twitter) feeds to be alerted next time we go live! Meet the Panelists Join us on tonight on St. Patty’s Day for a panel discussion on #GSD [Gettin’ Sh*t Done]: Project Management for the Tech Professional.  We have… Read more →